Monday, June 14, 2010

The Wind is messing with my photo shoot!!! :-(

Amos's picture of the day... Well, Daddy came home to get me today around noon! Yipeeee, one of the sites he needed to walk out and survey was way out in the mountains, which means "I can go with him" wooo hooooo!!!!! So he got the camera and off we went. I looked all handsome after my bath last night "yuck"! so of course there would be pictures. But the problem is, turns out I don’t photograph that well in the wind we had up there today. My beard is a problem! See!

Then once we found a place tucked behind the rock I did get one good picture of me.
The trail up the mountain was cool to. I was ripping and tearing and dad kept calling me back. Dang Dad I’m trying to run like the wind… He said something about the last time he was out this was he saw a “Big Sal” and her cub up here. Not sure what that is but I know he had the “Bad” collar on me and the big bang-boom-kapowy thing in his belt… So it must be something bad???

Anywhooo, he had to come out here to look at a site for a Microwave tower. Which is fancy for "not that good" wireless broadband service for some company. :-) Boy it was windy. I think I look pretty cool running down the trail!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out David Beckham

Yipeeeee Look at me go!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look at what my Daddy got me!!!!!

My Daddy is so GREAT!!!! He went and traded some of that green paper stuff from his wallet for me a new soccer ball!!!!

He figured it was fitting cause of the world cup going on. Well, I dont care about that, I'm just glad I got me a new soccer ball! Yipeeeeee!!!

Look how good I am at this soccer games!

We should have a good post after this weekend. We are gonna go hiking!

Check out my photo shoot... My daddy is proud :-)


More pics

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey all you other doggie blogers, can you help me?

Well, Not sure what happened but every single one of the comments for all the posts have disappeared... Anybody have any idea why that would happen?

Not sure if the comments going forward will stick either?

Can you help?

Famous Amos

Monday, June 7, 2010

RIP Sweet Angel Doggie

Well, I come bearing sad news. Our next door neighbor dog "Angel" a sweet Border Collie who was loved deeply by her family has passed tonight. She was only 3 years old, the vet thinks Aneurysm, or Stroke. Such a sad, sad, thing. Her family loved her very much, we just laid her down in the back yard and had a prayer over her.

We will Miss sweet "Angel" the Border Collie. She was a friend and mentor. RIP Angel.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It’s Amos’s world and my Daddy is just living it !!!!!

So, Daddy picked up a big Engineering job today, to big he said, cause it’s gonna cut back on his (MY) Face book time, my doggie bloggie time, his time to help Zoe build up the new Forum, and his time building the New Airedale Web Site! But he said if he didn’t work he wouldn’t be able to continue spending all his money on my Toy’s, Fresh Bones from the butcher every day, and peanut butter filled kong toys… So he’ll just have to work then :-)

So, The title was “It’s Amos’s world and my Daddy is just living it”… So let’s get to it…

He went to some important meeting this morning, the outfit who contracts him out had recently said “this is a more formal corporate client”, “and they probably wouldn’t want a dog in the truck at work”… Bad People, BAD!!!!! I’d bite’m if I could! But I digress….

So daddy said “no problem, he can stay home. WHAT????????????????? No he can’t!!!!!
So this morning I begged really cute! He fell for it. (works every time)

So, he said you just stay real quiet and discrete son, then we can go to the park after the meeting. He was meeting inside the building; I mean what could go wrong?
He left the sliding rear window cracked for air. So he went in and I immediately started planning my escape :-) Started sniffing around the sliding window. But I also know how to pull the door latch if I try real hard….

So daddy was setting in the meeting and when they finished up walked out all with the big wigs and all, as they got closer to the door they heard a car alarm, and horn going off.

They walked out and there I was escaped into the bed of the truck barking at them and the trucks alarm was screaming, lights flashing, and horn blowing!!!! Yipeeeee, I was making all kinds of noise, and I was so happy to see them that I jumped out and ran over to say Hi! Yipeeeeee!!!!! Its sooooo fun to jump up on guy’s in suites!

Evidently I tried pulling the door handles and that set off all the alarms somehow, and then it was so scary I made my escape thru the sliding window :-)

So, like I said, it’s Amos’s world and my daddy just lives in it!!!!!!!
After a bunch of embarrassed apologizing and scolding me (Mean Daddy) he still got the job! Evidently when all was done they all got a kick out of it. See it was all Amos daddy that got you that job!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Marmaduke is my NEW HERO!!!!

"Marmaduke" is my NEW HERO!!!

Amos is a Marmaduke Fan already and the movie isn’t even out yet! Hey guy’s have you seen the trailer for Marmaduke yet??? Move over Marley, there’s a new star in town!!!

Man he looks so smooth, and he has a window in the top of his car!!!! How cool is that, his head just sticks right out the top!

He’s my Hero… I bet he knows how to swim to and could teach me so I can go see Lizzie across the pond. But that’s a whole’nother story. I am working my plan for that now. Another story for the next post… It includes eating bunches of peanut butter… There is a teaser :-)

Once again daddy used his phone to take the pic so it’s not very high quality, but isn’t Marmaduke the coolest? Daddy used the DVR to record the trailer so I can watch it over and over…. If you clic on the picture it helps wth the quality problem.


Famous Amos
P.S. yep, the TV is on a Dog Crate. You know your Dog "Nuts" when your Entertainment Center consist's of a Crate :-) This is the work apartment in Anchorage which is just for me and Dad 3 or 4 days a week, so he has gone with the minimalist cheap bachelor pad style... He doesn't get away with this at home, maybe mommy wouldn't go for it.

Here is the link tothe trailer for the movie... I hope Lizzie doesnt go see it, I'll have to do something really cool to keep her mine if she see's Marmaduke... Yikes, she will be smitten for sure. Dont watch it Lizzie, Please dont!!!
I dont know why it will only link to the short clip. But just click on the one above it when you get over there to see the full length trailer.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Daddy left me, but he's back now

Hey yall,

So I posted one thing then I took it back, SORRY… I just realized that I got out of order a bit. (Please forgive the pic's in this post, they are cell phone pic's)

So my daddy went to a place called Kenai, Alaska. I couldn’t go with him and I don’t like that. If I was a smart enough bloger I would put screaming faces in animation right after saying that.

I go everywhere with my daddy. But he went there to do locating which is using a machine to locate existing utilities and facilities for a fiber optic engineering project. But the company he worked for wouldn’t like a dog in their vehicle (Bad people, BAD!!!!). So he put me in the local Pet-Ritz…

It really wasn’t bad, he rented me my own room that had my own “hooman” bed and he put his pillow from home and our blankie from his bed (my bed) from home. They had him record a lil message on a player that they played for me at night and in the morning when they put me to sleep and woke me up. It said “ahhhh Amos you’re a good boy” …. He knows it! :-)

They also play my fav movie during the night on my TV, Daddy left Marley and Me for that. So cool. Marley is my hero!!!! Then Animal planet played in the day time during play time breaks and nap times from Day care.

There were lots of great dogs to play with. I teased all the girlie dogs! There was a standard poodle and a Ausie Shepherd that I teased, and right when they thought I was gonna be their boy friend and play humpy games with just them, I would laugh and tell’em “to bad girls, I gotta a girl friend that lives across the pond”…. Then I had to bite’em cause they said “your snooty and have some snooty European girl, you think your hot stuff hugh?” But I showed’em… I stuck my nose up and ignored them the rest of the stay. Lizzie is NOT Snooty! Those girls were so immature!

But now I’m sooooooo Happy cause my daddy is back. He said I had to have a bath, but I’m so happy he is home that I don’t even care. I got to ride in the back of the truck on the way home and we stopped by the park too! I got in the water and everything!

Then we got home and I curled up on the couch’ie and made sure my daddy couldn’t get away again. Garsh, even though the pet-Ritz is great, I sure hope he doesn’t have to leave me again. I really missed him!

Daddy only has the one leg so he isn't that hard to hang onto. See below!

Famous Amos (back to normal with my daddy home)

Monday, May 24, 2010

I guees I'll just have to give him cuddles after all

Hey yall its Famous Amos here. So when I first got to my Daddy, I must admit I had ZERO interest in his cuddles, YUCK!!!!! I didn’t want to give him any, I didn’t want to take any and affection of any type was out. I mean I’m a tuff and ruff boy, cuddles are YUCK’Y!!!!

So I decided if he wanted affection I would show him the only way I knew how!! So when he wanted affection from me I would commence to playing the “Bitey-The-Fingers” game, the “stand back and bark” game, the “squirm my way free” game etc…

Then Maybe Mommy has long blonde hair down to her butt, so you know exactly how I decided to show her my love, right? Of course I did!!!! I played “bitey-the-long-blonde-hair” game!!!!!!!!! Yipppeeeee!!!!!! Of course you know the last part of this game right? That’s right, once you get it firmly in your clampers, you turn and run fast the other way cause this will really get your mommy’s playing the game for real. I mean she will yell, and jump around, and chase you with her head down like a mad bull!!!! Ohhhh it’s so much fun. But then for some reason, right after all this fun, she is mad, every time. So hit the doggie door real fast once your done playing!!!!

So, Daddy wasn’t happy with all this. He wanted me to learn how to do real cuddles and real affection without all the wild spastic stuff???? So I wasn’t happy bout this but he’s very strong and he started making me get up on the couch and he would hold me down and make me lay there for like 30 whole seconds and wouldn’t even let me squirm… YUCK!!!!!

Then he made it like a whole minute. Then he started forcing me to lay on the bed when they cuddled me and gave me kissies and maybe mommy would say “ohhh what a good sweet lil boy” Pwooooo Weeeee, GROSS! But then they started giving me treats if I did lay there and be still and be sweet. So I started seeing there was some intrinsic value in this action (I know that’s a big word for a 11 month old puppy, but I’m smart like that!!!)….

Well after long struggles, it turns out my Daddy was right, it is best to keep your human happy. This doesn’t mean I’m whimpy, but I just gave in and decided sense he feeds me and gives me treats, and takes me to the park, and scrathes all the places that makesmy leg shake, that I should pay him back with what he wants. But don’t get the wrong idea form the video below, I still don’t like it, can’t you tell how much I'm hating it????

Famous Amos

P.S. I'm gonna have to learn how to jazz up my post's with some fancy text and some animation things like smileys or something. Any advice on how to do that stuff?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not even close to being "as good as yesterday"

Hey guy’s… Well it was not such a great day today. It started real good, first I got to sleep in the middle of Maybe Mommy and Daddy… I think it’s funny cause Sheila can’t get up there cause her hair is really falling out right now. Mine don’t fall out, not sure why her’s does, but that means I have’em all to myself! We got to have bit’s of bacon that daddy cooked for breakfast. Daddy usually won’t give it to us, but he caught “maybe mommy” giving it to us and she dribbled a little gravy over our food to. So, so far so good right?

Well then the neighbors came over (probably smelt our breakfast) and we played real hard. Man they are great!

Well then daddy came out and said get’n the truck guy’s!!! Wooooo Hooooo We luv doing that! So in we went. Maybe Mommy hopped in and she had the Chucker and the balls, so we knew something good was about to happen. Then we stopped and I hopped out. Well I had no idea why we were at the waters edge???? But it’s ok, I’ll fetch there.

Well…. Turns out daddy had taken us here with the exact intent of picking me up by my harness and tossing me in the FIRGID water… What the #$%#@#$%$#@ Dad??????

I don’t know why but my Crazy “Maybe Sissy” Sheila was just running and bailing right in and running all the way across for some stupid stick????? I mean this stuff was cold. Heck a week ago it had ice all across it, it wasn’t even thawed. The water pushing thru now is snow melt off the mountains. Man it’s cold. So daddy took me by the harness and pitched me right in. YIKES @#$%^%$#$% it made my junk shrink!!!! Man that felt weird to!

So then I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there. Then I tried digging in it, that didn’t work, then I stood there some more. I couldn’t figure out why Sheila was running by me, it seemed silly, I mean no-one threw her in, she just did it voluntary??????????

So then I finally found my way out. Then he did it again ^&%$%^%$E#$%$$#$ Dog Gone it Dad, JUST STOP IT!

Well, after that he did stop. He said he didn’t want to scare me from water, but wanted me to know it wouldn’t hurt me. He said now he will let me do it on my own time. I would guess that’s gonna be at the earliest, when it’s freaking 100 degrees outside. Why the heck would you get in that cold stuff?

Now, I will get in for sure when it’s time to swim the big pond to go see my Girl friend Lizzie!!! But not just to do it to chase some silly stick.

Then we had to have a freaking bath in the kiddy pool outside cause we were so muddy. That was dang cold to! Man, now I know why daddy was so crazy good to us yesterday (see last post)… He must have been buttering us up for today. YUCK!

He put some video below. It’s a little embarrassing!

If you want to see it bigger or other videos of mine (not that they are that good but..) you can go here to youtube...

Here is a video of Sheila show'in off how good she is at it... Famous-Amos say's Bla, Bla, Bla....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Greatest Day EVER!!! Well, until tomorrow anyway???

Garsh I had such a FANTASTICO Day today. We are home in Glenn Allen, Alaska and that means I have "Maybe Someday Mommy" and Maybe Sissy, plus the Jack Russell and Springer Spaniel from across the street!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooo Hoooo Excitement overload.

Man we played so hard. We played Chase'ie and Bity Face, and humpy games (Dad says I'm shootin blanks?????) of course I only play humpy with my bed or a stump, cause I am taken by my Lizzie, and we did fetch to. Man that was fun in itself, but then after a nap, GUESS WHAT??? Daddy took me and my "Maybe Sissy" Sheila for a ride in the back of the truck.

Man, my daddy is soooo great, he knows just hat we want. How does he do that?

Then when we got home, he gave us our dinner, then some scraps off their Country style Ribbs, and then we all got a bowl of "Whole Milk"... Wowwww Weeeee.... What is this Doggie Christmas?

I wonder if tomorrow will be that good??? I hopes so.

Here are some pics and a video of out day.

This is a picture of us at the biggest place in town. It’s the Grocery store. It is big for Glenn Allen. The parking lot may be paved one day so you can push a cart on it. Then we will try for automatic doors one day…

Then this is a video my daddy took of us going to the store. I know it looks like I’m gonna jump out of the truck when we get to the stop sign, but my daddy was commanding me out the window. I saw another dog in the truck passing by, and it made me want to, but daddy yell’ed NO!!!!! Usually I am strapped in but I am so much more turst worthy than Sheila that he had to put it on her…. He said he will have two harness attachments very soon!

Then after the scraps and milk... Well all I could do is this..... First is Piper (Jack Russell) the neighbor dog who basically lives here. She is mean sometimes. Then sweet ole Sheila, then Wild and Crazy Famous Amos,Showin what the good lord gave me!!!

Man I hope tomorrow is as good as today. Nighty night....
Famous Amos

Mossies are great... (Wish I could have chased it) :-)

So, we were driving in the old part of down town Anchorage the other day headed to the John Deer shop. Guess what we saw. More Moose (or as I call'em "Moosies") It was a mommy moose and her baby... I saw one in the back yard yesterday too, and it was sooooo Exciting. Woooo Hoooo!!!!!! I barked, and barked. It was very arrogant though, it didnt even care I was barking so mean, just kept standing there eating. I bet if the fence wasn't between us I woulda got it!!!!! Then it wouldn't be so smug, it would run for sure then!

Well, Daddy is posting a video of the moose and her baby walking thru Anchorage. It's short cause we had cars behind us. Enjoy...

Famous Amos

P.S. Not sure why it doesnt show a thumb-nail??? But just click play on the lil bar below, it is there.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey yall, Famous-Amos here...

Hey all you pooches out there!

Well, it's been a pretty crazy week and half.... Daddy moved us. For those who don't know. We live in Glenn Allen, but daddy's work is based in Anchorage, then he travels from there or works in Anchorage. So that said, we have a apartment anchorage, and the one we were in was small and had no back yard.

So, my daddy loves us s much h said that wasn't gonna work. We had to have a house with a big yard for me to terrorize and dig up!!!! Yep, he's GREAT!

We have a huge yard at home in Glenn Allen and I love's it! we live there 3 nights a week and Anchorage 4 right now. So he found us one and has been moving us in it. Man what a big job that is. Shwoo I'm glad it's over, and WOW-EEEEE this yard I have now is plain FANTASTICO!!!! So great, and guess what, guess what..... The property owner lives near by and his 3 year old Border Collie has access to the yard also. SOOOOO COOOL, we play so hard that all I do at night is sleep the whole time now days. I'm worn slap out when daddy gets home.

Then today "Angel" the border collie learned how to follow me thru the dogie door and come in our house. WOOOOO HOOOOO Excitement OVERLOAD!!!!! She taught me some fun new games. Called "if you can find it, tear it up" games. WOW, now this was fun, especially with a friend to help... Dad didn't seem so happy bout it when he came home. Angel and I both saw his face and we split ASAP! Ran thru the dog door like bullets! We could hear him saying all kinds of words we had never heard before, he was mumbling them under his breath as he cleaned it up. I don't think those were good words.

Anyway, I'm just gonna blame it all on my Blind "sissy" Jessie the cattle dog who was sleeping the whole time. Daddy will believe me, I mean look at my puppy dog eyes in the picture at the top of the blogg, who would ever stay mad at that face???? I know how to work it!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Famous Amos


I put a video below I thought you guy's might like. Espeially you Airedales out there will recognize this game!!! watch close when I walk off the screen behind the porch. Your gonna see my throwing skills, like a doggie quarter back. I can throw things really high. If you don't catch it just back it up and watch just above the porch railing, it will go flying up in the air. It's a raw hide strip. I don't eat them, that's silly, it's a lot funner to play toss them around! If you watch the rest of it I'll do a little more tossing games towards the end.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

OK, My story continued....

So when we first got to Alaska I was so happy that my new Daddy loved me so much, it was instant joy! He really likes me; he held me all the way home in his lap. I felt so proud and safe. Then I got home with him and there was this Blind dog that looked like a Dingo and was mean as a rattle snake , I mean she was something. I don’t know why she was so mean, I was only running in and biting her on her nose like a little puppy is supposed to do..... Boy, she did not like that, and then my daddy would scold her, man he can have a deep and vey loud voice, shwooo, I don’t like it. But I knew he was trying to protect me. Why did I keep doing it over and over even though each time she thumped me good? Heck I don’t know? I just have these urges to do it that can’t be controlled, I still do it at-least once a day, and she still thumps me when I do. This is the only time she ever thumps me, but I just don’t learn as dad says. He has even stopped scolding her, he keeps saying if you haven’t learned by now I’m not gonna scold her for being scared and defending. I wish he would scold her some more.

Dad bought a little ringy-dingy thing so she can here as I get close, as to not surprise her. So she starts growling kind of under her breath type thing and yet I still inch closer, closer, closer (now her teeth are showing) closer, and “Whack” I bite her on the nose, then Whamo she jumps me like a Jackal on a Antelope. Once I get away from her I have this other urge, it's the run as fast as physically possible in to the kitchen urge, then around the couch and table and back in the kitchen, I'll do like 5 laps or maybe 10. I run so fast when I stop and turn my butt hunkers down and my back bow's up and then I lunge towards the kitchen at break-neck speed! I don’t understand these urges, but I can’t help it.

Well then I seem to forget all this by the next evening because dang if I don’t inch my way up to her and do it all over again. No wonder she's mean to me. I guess it’s hard to understand how scared it is for a blind dog to get bitten on the nose out of no-where. She DOES NOT like it!!!

Hmmmm lets see, oh yea, I also go to our forever home for three day weekends most every week. Boy is that fun! WOW, it’s like Disney land for dogs. It’s wide open, lots of snow and lots of dog’s… Oh, Oh, there are a ton of kids too. We live there but Dad has to work in Anchorage right now, so me and Jessie the cattle dog go's with him to work during the week Monday thru Thursday. There are dog parks in Anchorage, so it's O.K. but nothing like our forever home. Dad said I should tell you about our neighbors. He thinks they have completely lost it about 6 months ago.

They decided to go to Montana to see their Daddy’s (Bob's) family. So Bob and Crystal have 4 kids, Brady the boy is about 5 or 6, then a 9’ish girl, 11’ish girl, and a 13’ish girl and a 8 year old Australian Shepherd. Ages are approx. So they head to Wyoming from Alaska, ruffly 3000 miles in a chevy suburban with all the kids. That’s bad enough right? Well when they were down there these silly folks decided it was time to get the two oldest girls a dog each????? Now??? So they bought (Now get this) a 10 week old Jack russle terrier and a 11 week old Springer Spaniel. Then they had to drive back 3000 miles with all them kids both the puppies and the two adults. OMG!!!! What were they thinking? Took 5 days to drive and they drove 10 hours a day strait... OMG! Dad says he doesnt know what they were smoking... what does that mean?

Back to me. The good news is….. Now all those little heathens live close enough that we can run back and forth. They always come to us though cause Bob and crystal won’t let me and Sheila the Lab come in. Dad says he doesn’t blame them. 24/7 in that house, last thing they need is two more dogs showing up. So “Piper” the Jack R. and “Muddy Joe” the Springer come runnin over and ring the bells hanging from the door. Boy do we have fun when they come in, Me and Sheila just LOVE it! Although Sheila gets tired of Piper the Jack Russel cause he does bitey face like a jack hammer on steroids till dad feels sorry for Sheila and kicks him out. I follow right out cause I love bitey face!!!!!!

We have Bears, wolves, Moose’s, porky pines, and all kinds of neat animals up here. I act like I’m brave enough to face them all, but really I count on my dad to keep me safe from’em.

So now that you all know the general story of my background and how my life operates, the diary will start just being the normal updates of my life and learning. I’m sure adventures will follow.

Thanks for reading it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My original Diary post

Please see the original post to understand why this is past tense....

My Name is Amos, my Daddy has become a “Planet Airedale Forum” post-aholic sense I came to be with him. He uses his fingers to beat on that thing I stole some pieces of. One piece said "delete" and one piece said "page down" I thought they were fun to play with but he was not happy. I thought sense he beat on them all time talking to the planet-Airedale people that it must be fun, so I took a couple. But I digress.... (big word for a pup)

So, now I’ll tell you my story.

Dad seems to have over exaggerated my "so called" behavior issues. I don't understand this "raised pond" he calls a water bowl, water is not supposed to be in there. He doesn't understand, water is supposed to come from a creek, pond, lake etc... So I just use my paws to get it out of this store bought contraption for him. This is not wrong in my mind. Also happens to be great fun getting it off the floor. So this is a "Win-Win"

Also, he puts my food in these things. Doesn't this silly man know that we eat off the ground, "I mean come on" I asked for a smart human for Christmas, yet I get him, I love him so I'll have to get him trained and keep him. So once again I just dump the food each time trying to teach this guy not to put in there.

As far as the biting, I don't know why he seems to dislike this. I am just showing my love for him, I mean doesn't he know this is what we do to our Mom and siblings as pups. I suppose, I will stop eventually because I want him to not be ignoring me and he seems to like a sloppy kiss and my cute lil noggin in his lap for head rubbing. But for now the urge to show him love with my teeth is just overwhelming.

Now the important part. First off I want point out that I have by large part stopped eating my poop. This is mainly because he snatches it up before I can get it. but even when he doesn't if he breaks my attention I leave it. However I do try to get it if he isn't watching. I don't know why I do this? He doesn't like it and won’t let me lick him for at-least a few hours and a good mouth washing if he suspects I've done it. So that motivates me not to, but once again the desire get's the better of me sometimes. He is now putting stuff in my food that makes the poopies yucky. I don't understand these urges, but they are really tuff to ignore.

So that clears up all the "so-called" behavior problems, what’s with the labels dad?

I was born in Canada, but my Daddy flew me up to Alaska. I don't understand, I prayed to the puppy god's for a nice home in the Caribbean, Florida, California, or a farm somewhere warm. Can’t the puppy god's read? I may have miss spelt it or something cause he took me from cold snowy place to another REALLY freaking cold and snowy place. One of my brothers went to Florida, lucky lil fart. But I love my Dad so it's OK.

I left Canada at 10 WKS old.

I am now 7 months old.

I like biting, chewing, barking at EVERYTHING!, running, terrorizing my blind sister the cattle dog, riding with my head out the window of the truck and going to work with dad. I like any dog who comes along and all humans.

I am VERY CUTE!!!!

I need a girl friend really soon cause daddy's gonna let the vet take my stuff , I heard him on the phone. This is not fair!

I like to run on the treadmill, but you have to hurry and get me off after the first couple minutes or I'll poop all over it. don't know what it is but man a couple minutes on that thing and it's coming rather you like it or not. Then I'm good to go a couple miles.

So dads gonna help me load a few photos and I will do regular up-dates to keep y'all informed on my little Airedale-licious life.

thanks for reading
Amos the Alaskan Dale
My young'est photos....

This is when I was still with my first mommy in Canada. I was 10 weeks old.

10 weeks old.
This was my first Day with my Daddy in Alaska. This was the fall season just starting, I was 13 weeks old. This was the first weekend I met my "Maybe Sissy" Sheila the Lab, and "Maybe Mommy" and I was 13 weeks old. It was so much fun to ride with Sheila in the 6 wheeler.

This was the first time I learned how much fun toilet paper is in my daddy's truck :-) I have made use of this knowledge several times sense then.

See yall later.

Looking Back To The Start

So, my name is Amos... AKA Famous-Amos as the dogs at the local dog park have nick-named me. This is because I have a diary at an on-line "Airedale Terrier" forum that I have many followers on from all over the world. I also have a long distance, monogamous, Internet relationship with my true love "Lizzie" who is also an Airedale, the prettiest one in the world. We met on the forum, and it was love immediately. She lives across the big pond from me in the UK.

So that is how I got my nick name.

I took over my daddy's life when I left my first mommy in Canada on the big flying thing.

I'm 10 months old, and I have my daddy wrapped around my lil finger, or actually wrapped around my paw. I have a sissy named Jessie, she is an Australian Cattle dog and is really old, blind, and very cranky with me! I also have a "Maybe Mommy"... She has my"Maybe Sissy" Sheila the lab. I really like hanging out with Sheila, she loves to play bitey face, and chase. Maybe Mommy is nice to, she treats me real good and gives me lots of ear scratches and lets me lick her face, and we all know that is the greatest!!!

I'm taken (sorry girl dogs) by Lizzie mentioned above.

I'm very cute (pictures to follow for proof of this) , and get into all kinds of interesting predicaments.

We live in Alaska, which is very interesting. There are a lot of big animals and things around that are all very enticing to chase. But daddy usually wont let me do it. He says Moose's and Grizzly Bears don't like playing with dogs??? That doesn't make sense to me so I keep trying to chase them anyway.

So I put in the title of this first post "Looking back to the start".... That's because to start off blogging here, I am going to copy and paste entries from my forum Diary, from back when I was a little puppy, so you guys can catch up with me from the beginning. I just thought I would use this first post to give you a brief run down on who I am.

Then we can take off from there once we are current. So the next few posts will be catching up. Then me and daddy will do a seperate post to let you know when we are caught up to current. Hope thats not to hard to follow. We will see how it go's, I am new to this blogging thing and so is Daddy, so we will see how good we are at it :-)