Saturday, May 8, 2010

OK, My story continued....

So when we first got to Alaska I was so happy that my new Daddy loved me so much, it was instant joy! He really likes me; he held me all the way home in his lap. I felt so proud and safe. Then I got home with him and there was this Blind dog that looked like a Dingo and was mean as a rattle snake , I mean she was something. I don’t know why she was so mean, I was only running in and biting her on her nose like a little puppy is supposed to do..... Boy, she did not like that, and then my daddy would scold her, man he can have a deep and vey loud voice, shwooo, I don’t like it. But I knew he was trying to protect me. Why did I keep doing it over and over even though each time she thumped me good? Heck I don’t know? I just have these urges to do it that can’t be controlled, I still do it at-least once a day, and she still thumps me when I do. This is the only time she ever thumps me, but I just don’t learn as dad says. He has even stopped scolding her, he keeps saying if you haven’t learned by now I’m not gonna scold her for being scared and defending. I wish he would scold her some more.

Dad bought a little ringy-dingy thing so she can here as I get close, as to not surprise her. So she starts growling kind of under her breath type thing and yet I still inch closer, closer, closer (now her teeth are showing) closer, and “Whack” I bite her on the nose, then Whamo she jumps me like a Jackal on a Antelope. Once I get away from her I have this other urge, it's the run as fast as physically possible in to the kitchen urge, then around the couch and table and back in the kitchen, I'll do like 5 laps or maybe 10. I run so fast when I stop and turn my butt hunkers down and my back bow's up and then I lunge towards the kitchen at break-neck speed! I don’t understand these urges, but I can’t help it.

Well then I seem to forget all this by the next evening because dang if I don’t inch my way up to her and do it all over again. No wonder she's mean to me. I guess it’s hard to understand how scared it is for a blind dog to get bitten on the nose out of no-where. She DOES NOT like it!!!

Hmmmm lets see, oh yea, I also go to our forever home for three day weekends most every week. Boy is that fun! WOW, it’s like Disney land for dogs. It’s wide open, lots of snow and lots of dog’s… Oh, Oh, there are a ton of kids too. We live there but Dad has to work in Anchorage right now, so me and Jessie the cattle dog go's with him to work during the week Monday thru Thursday. There are dog parks in Anchorage, so it's O.K. but nothing like our forever home. Dad said I should tell you about our neighbors. He thinks they have completely lost it about 6 months ago.

They decided to go to Montana to see their Daddy’s (Bob's) family. So Bob and Crystal have 4 kids, Brady the boy is about 5 or 6, then a 9’ish girl, 11’ish girl, and a 13’ish girl and a 8 year old Australian Shepherd. Ages are approx. So they head to Wyoming from Alaska, ruffly 3000 miles in a chevy suburban with all the kids. That’s bad enough right? Well when they were down there these silly folks decided it was time to get the two oldest girls a dog each????? Now??? So they bought (Now get this) a 10 week old Jack russle terrier and a 11 week old Springer Spaniel. Then they had to drive back 3000 miles with all them kids both the puppies and the two adults. OMG!!!! What were they thinking? Took 5 days to drive and they drove 10 hours a day strait... OMG! Dad says he doesnt know what they were smoking... what does that mean?

Back to me. The good news is….. Now all those little heathens live close enough that we can run back and forth. They always come to us though cause Bob and crystal won’t let me and Sheila the Lab come in. Dad says he doesn’t blame them. 24/7 in that house, last thing they need is two more dogs showing up. So “Piper” the Jack R. and “Muddy Joe” the Springer come runnin over and ring the bells hanging from the door. Boy do we have fun when they come in, Me and Sheila just LOVE it! Although Sheila gets tired of Piper the Jack Russel cause he does bitey face like a jack hammer on steroids till dad feels sorry for Sheila and kicks him out. I follow right out cause I love bitey face!!!!!!

We have Bears, wolves, Moose’s, porky pines, and all kinds of neat animals up here. I act like I’m brave enough to face them all, but really I count on my dad to keep me safe from’em.

So now that you all know the general story of my background and how my life operates, the diary will start just being the normal updates of my life and learning. I’m sure adventures will follow.

Thanks for reading it.


Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Hi Amos we are just popping over to say hello and we would love to be your pals.

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Noah the Airedale said...

Amos mate, you make sure thos bears stay away from you ok. They sounds kinda scary to me.

Noah x

Maggie and Mitch said...

My brother, Mitch looks just like a moose, ya know, Amos!
You sound like a pretty normal pup to us!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch