Monday, May 24, 2010

I guees I'll just have to give him cuddles after all

Hey yall its Famous Amos here. So when I first got to my Daddy, I must admit I had ZERO interest in his cuddles, YUCK!!!!! I didn’t want to give him any, I didn’t want to take any and affection of any type was out. I mean I’m a tuff and ruff boy, cuddles are YUCK’Y!!!!

So I decided if he wanted affection I would show him the only way I knew how!! So when he wanted affection from me I would commence to playing the “Bitey-The-Fingers” game, the “stand back and bark” game, the “squirm my way free” game etc…

Then Maybe Mommy has long blonde hair down to her butt, so you know exactly how I decided to show her my love, right? Of course I did!!!! I played “bitey-the-long-blonde-hair” game!!!!!!!!! Yipppeeeee!!!!!! Of course you know the last part of this game right? That’s right, once you get it firmly in your clampers, you turn and run fast the other way cause this will really get your mommy’s playing the game for real. I mean she will yell, and jump around, and chase you with her head down like a mad bull!!!! Ohhhh it’s so much fun. But then for some reason, right after all this fun, she is mad, every time. So hit the doggie door real fast once your done playing!!!!

So, Daddy wasn’t happy with all this. He wanted me to learn how to do real cuddles and real affection without all the wild spastic stuff???? So I wasn’t happy bout this but he’s very strong and he started making me get up on the couch and he would hold me down and make me lay there for like 30 whole seconds and wouldn’t even let me squirm… YUCK!!!!!

Then he made it like a whole minute. Then he started forcing me to lay on the bed when they cuddled me and gave me kissies and maybe mommy would say “ohhh what a good sweet lil boy” Pwooooo Weeeee, GROSS! But then they started giving me treats if I did lay there and be still and be sweet. So I started seeing there was some intrinsic value in this action (I know that’s a big word for a 11 month old puppy, but I’m smart like that!!!)….

Well after long struggles, it turns out my Daddy was right, it is best to keep your human happy. This doesn’t mean I’m whimpy, but I just gave in and decided sense he feeds me and gives me treats, and takes me to the park, and scrathes all the places that makesmy leg shake, that I should pay him back with what he wants. But don’t get the wrong idea form the video below, I still don’t like it, can’t you tell how much I'm hating it????

Famous Amos

P.S. I'm gonna have to learn how to jazz up my post's with some fancy text and some animation things like smileys or something. Any advice on how to do that stuff?


Maggie and Mitch said...

Mitch is a cuddleboy too, Amos! I never have been and never plan to be one!
Our mom isn't all that smart with fancy computer stuff but we're sure someone out there will come to your rescue!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

Amos - you know I am a cuddle monster and I love it. But Old Miss Ellie is a "no cuddles" unless she seeks them out herself. Not sure what is wrong with her???

Have fun cuddling your daddy.

Share the love buddy!

Mr Baz Boy

Sunshade said...

Hello Amos,

Nice to meet you! So I'm not a cuddly gurrrl, I like to rub my face between leggies and under mum's armpits (thank doG they don't smell), and basically all over mum. STINKY on the other hand is a cuddly guy, but he landsharks while he's cuddling, so mum yells "STINKY NO!" (mum: It's "Jaffa", Sunshade calls him STINKY.)

I think you're dad is trying to tell you he is the TOP DOG, and I think it is in our best interest to let the hoomans think that they are the top dogs.... for our own sake that is.. LOL.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade