Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey yall, Famous-Amos here...

Hey all you pooches out there!

Well, it's been a pretty crazy week and half.... Daddy moved us. For those who don't know. We live in Glenn Allen, but daddy's work is based in Anchorage, then he travels from there or works in Anchorage. So that said, we have a apartment anchorage, and the one we were in was small and had no back yard.

So, my daddy loves us s much h said that wasn't gonna work. We had to have a house with a big yard for me to terrorize and dig up!!!! Yep, he's GREAT!

We have a huge yard at home in Glenn Allen and I love's it! we live there 3 nights a week and Anchorage 4 right now. So he found us one and has been moving us in it. Man what a big job that is. Shwoo I'm glad it's over, and WOW-EEEEE this yard I have now is plain FANTASTICO!!!! So great, and guess what, guess what..... The property owner lives near by and his 3 year old Border Collie has access to the yard also. SOOOOO COOOL, we play so hard that all I do at night is sleep the whole time now days. I'm worn slap out when daddy gets home.

Then today "Angel" the border collie learned how to follow me thru the dogie door and come in our house. WOOOOO HOOOOO Excitement OVERLOAD!!!!! She taught me some fun new games. Called "if you can find it, tear it up" games. WOW, now this was fun, especially with a friend to help... Dad didn't seem so happy bout it when he came home. Angel and I both saw his face and we split ASAP! Ran thru the dog door like bullets! We could hear him saying all kinds of words we had never heard before, he was mumbling them under his breath as he cleaned it up. I don't think those were good words.

Anyway, I'm just gonna blame it all on my Blind "sissy" Jessie the cattle dog who was sleeping the whole time. Daddy will believe me, I mean look at my puppy dog eyes in the picture at the top of the blogg, who would ever stay mad at that face???? I know how to work it!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Famous Amos


I put a video below I thought you guy's might like. Espeially you Airedales out there will recognize this game!!! watch close when I walk off the screen behind the porch. Your gonna see my throwing skills, like a doggie quarter back. I can throw things really high. If you don't catch it just back it up and watch just above the porch railing, it will go flying up in the air. It's a raw hide strip. I don't eat them, that's silly, it's a lot funner to play toss them around! If you watch the rest of it I'll do a little more tossing games towards the end.


Maggie and Mitch said...

OOPS! You and Angel made quite the mess, Amos! Your dad sounds like a good guy to us - always thinking of you!
You sure looked like you were having fun in your yard tossing the rawhide into the Aire!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

Hehe good one Amos mate. My sissies are most impressed with your work.

Noah x