Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My original Diary post

Please see the original post to understand why this is past tense....

My Name is Amos, my Daddy has become a “Planet Airedale Forum” post-aholic sense I came to be with him. He uses his fingers to beat on that thing I stole some pieces of. One piece said "delete" and one piece said "page down" I thought they were fun to play with but he was not happy. I thought sense he beat on them all time talking to the planet-Airedale people that it must be fun, so I took a couple. But I digress.... (big word for a pup)

So, now I’ll tell you my story.

Dad seems to have over exaggerated my "so called" behavior issues. I don't understand this "raised pond" he calls a water bowl, water is not supposed to be in there. He doesn't understand, water is supposed to come from a creek, pond, lake etc... So I just use my paws to get it out of this store bought contraption for him. This is not wrong in my mind. Also happens to be great fun getting it off the floor. So this is a "Win-Win"

Also, he puts my food in these things. Doesn't this silly man know that we eat off the ground, "I mean come on" I asked for a smart human for Christmas, yet I get him, I love him so I'll have to get him trained and keep him. So once again I just dump the food each time trying to teach this guy not to put in there.

As far as the biting, I don't know why he seems to dislike this. I am just showing my love for him, I mean doesn't he know this is what we do to our Mom and siblings as pups. I suppose, I will stop eventually because I want him to not be ignoring me and he seems to like a sloppy kiss and my cute lil noggin in his lap for head rubbing. But for now the urge to show him love with my teeth is just overwhelming.

Now the important part. First off I want point out that I have by large part stopped eating my poop. This is mainly because he snatches it up before I can get it. but even when he doesn't if he breaks my attention I leave it. However I do try to get it if he isn't watching. I don't know why I do this? He doesn't like it and won’t let me lick him for at-least a few hours and a good mouth washing if he suspects I've done it. So that motivates me not to, but once again the desire get's the better of me sometimes. He is now putting stuff in my food that makes the poopies yucky. I don't understand these urges, but they are really tuff to ignore.

So that clears up all the "so-called" behavior problems, what’s with the labels dad?

I was born in Canada, but my Daddy flew me up to Alaska. I don't understand, I prayed to the puppy god's for a nice home in the Caribbean, Florida, California, or a farm somewhere warm. Can’t the puppy god's read? I may have miss spelt it or something cause he took me from cold snowy place to another REALLY freaking cold and snowy place. One of my brothers went to Florida, lucky lil fart. But I love my Dad so it's OK.

I left Canada at 10 WKS old.

I am now 7 months old.

I like biting, chewing, barking at EVERYTHING!, running, terrorizing my blind sister the cattle dog, riding with my head out the window of the truck and going to work with dad. I like any dog who comes along and all humans.

I am VERY CUTE!!!!

I need a girl friend really soon cause daddy's gonna let the vet take my stuff , I heard him on the phone. This is not fair!

I like to run on the treadmill, but you have to hurry and get me off after the first couple minutes or I'll poop all over it. don't know what it is but man a couple minutes on that thing and it's coming rather you like it or not. Then I'm good to go a couple miles.

So dads gonna help me load a few photos and I will do regular up-dates to keep y'all informed on my little Airedale-licious life.

thanks for reading
Amos the Alaskan Dale
My young'est photos....

This is when I was still with my first mommy in Canada. I was 10 weeks old.

10 weeks old.
This was my first Day with my Daddy in Alaska. This was the fall season just starting, I was 13 weeks old. This was the first weekend I met my "Maybe Sissy" Sheila the Lab, and "Maybe Mommy" and I was 13 weeks old. It was so much fun to ride with Sheila in the 6 wheeler.

This was the first time I learned how much fun toilet paper is in my daddy's truck :-) I have made use of this knowledge several times sense then.

See yall later.


Noah the Airedale said...

Amos mate, it's me Noah. D says you were such a cute little puppy.


Miss Ellie and Baz said...

Amos, woo hoo, you finally have your own bloggy!
We are gonna follow you now.
So happy you are now a blogger like us!

Miss Ellie and Baz

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Hello Amos. Welcome to the land of dogblogging! You are a real cutie pie.
AireKisses & WelshieHugs,
BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Maggie and Mitch said...

We just read about you over at Noah's blog, Amos! What a cutie patootie you are!
We'll take the cold over that hot weather ANY day!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch