Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not even close to being "as good as yesterday"

Hey guy’s… Well it was not such a great day today. It started real good, first I got to sleep in the middle of Maybe Mommy and Daddy… I think it’s funny cause Sheila can’t get up there cause her hair is really falling out right now. Mine don’t fall out, not sure why her’s does, but that means I have’em all to myself! We got to have bit’s of bacon that daddy cooked for breakfast. Daddy usually won’t give it to us, but he caught “maybe mommy” giving it to us and she dribbled a little gravy over our food to. So, so far so good right?

Well then the neighbors came over (probably smelt our breakfast) and we played real hard. Man they are great!

Well then daddy came out and said get’n the truck guy’s!!! Wooooo Hooooo We luv doing that! So in we went. Maybe Mommy hopped in and she had the Chucker and the balls, so we knew something good was about to happen. Then we stopped and I hopped out. Well I had no idea why we were at the waters edge???? But it’s ok, I’ll fetch there.

Well…. Turns out daddy had taken us here with the exact intent of picking me up by my harness and tossing me in the FIRGID water… What the #$%#@#$%$#@ Dad??????

I don’t know why but my Crazy “Maybe Sissy” Sheila was just running and bailing right in and running all the way across for some stupid stick????? I mean this stuff was cold. Heck a week ago it had ice all across it, it wasn’t even thawed. The water pushing thru now is snow melt off the mountains. Man it’s cold. So daddy took me by the harness and pitched me right in. YIKES @#$%^%$#$% it made my junk shrink!!!! Man that felt weird to!

So then I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there. Then I tried digging in it, that didn’t work, then I stood there some more. I couldn’t figure out why Sheila was running by me, it seemed silly, I mean no-one threw her in, she just did it voluntary??????????

So then I finally found my way out. Then he did it again ^&%$%^%$E#$%$$#$ Dog Gone it Dad, JUST STOP IT!

Well, after that he did stop. He said he didn’t want to scare me from water, but wanted me to know it wouldn’t hurt me. He said now he will let me do it on my own time. I would guess that’s gonna be at the earliest, when it’s freaking 100 degrees outside. Why the heck would you get in that cold stuff?

Now, I will get in for sure when it’s time to swim the big pond to go see my Girl friend Lizzie!!! But not just to do it to chase some silly stick.

Then we had to have a freaking bath in the kiddy pool outside cause we were so muddy. That was dang cold to! Man, now I know why daddy was so crazy good to us yesterday (see last post)… He must have been buttering us up for today. YUCK!

He put some video below. It’s a little embarrassing!

If you want to see it bigger or other videos of mine (not that they are that good but..) you can go here to youtube...

Here is a video of Sheila show'in off how good she is at it... Famous-Amos say's Bla, Bla, Bla....


Maggie and Mitch said...

Wow! If our dad tossed us into frigid waters we would NEVER forgive him, Amos! Neither one of us is too crazy about the water - warm or cold! Sheila sure does love it though!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

ScrapsofMe said...

Ah, you know labradorks, they can't help it..they hafta be the center of attention and will do ANYthing suck up to get it. Us terrier types on the other hand, we tend to think for ourselves and make up our own minds about stuff. Like man, it's freakin cold in here....if you wanna get in so much, get yer own hiney out here in the water. We're not skeeered of water, we just look at the situation and go..hmm...too cold for me. Later maybe. Like 4th of July later. Hell's freezin over later. If you wanna play fetch stick in the water, call a Lab.

sniffies all about,

Bonnie, the wee Scottie

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi Noah sent me.
Welcome to the blogging world, we're all spoiled rotten, right?
I like your blog, Noah says you live in Alaska, wow. I live in Texas where the weather is totally opposite with yours.
My name is Mango, Maltese pup. I wt 6 lbs and handsome, so are you.
Would you like to be my friend, please?

Penny and Patches said...

Hi, Amos! It's very nice to meet you! We came over from the Leuradales' bloggy. We are 2 Aire-girls from Georgia USA.

Penny & Patches