Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It’s Amos’s world and my Daddy is just living it !!!!!

So, Daddy picked up a big Engineering job today, to big he said, cause it’s gonna cut back on his (MY) Face book time, my doggie bloggie time, his time to help Zoe build up the new Forum, and his time building the New Airedale Web Site! But he said if he didn’t work he wouldn’t be able to continue spending all his money on my Toy’s, Fresh Bones from the butcher every day, and peanut butter filled kong toys… So he’ll just have to work then :-)

So, The title was “It’s Amos’s world and my Daddy is just living it”… So let’s get to it…

He went to some important meeting this morning, the outfit who contracts him out had recently said “this is a more formal corporate client”, “and they probably wouldn’t want a dog in the truck at work”… Bad People, BAD!!!!! I’d bite’m if I could! But I digress….

So daddy said “no problem, he can stay home. WHAT????????????????? No he can’t!!!!!
So this morning I begged really cute! He fell for it. (works every time)

So, he said you just stay real quiet and discrete son, then we can go to the park after the meeting. He was meeting inside the building; I mean what could go wrong?
He left the sliding rear window cracked for air. So he went in and I immediately started planning my escape :-) Started sniffing around the sliding window. But I also know how to pull the door latch if I try real hard….

So daddy was setting in the meeting and when they finished up walked out all with the big wigs and all, as they got closer to the door they heard a car alarm, and horn going off.

They walked out and there I was escaped into the bed of the truck barking at them and the trucks alarm was screaming, lights flashing, and horn blowing!!!! Yipeeeee, I was making all kinds of noise, and I was so happy to see them that I jumped out and ran over to say Hi! Yipeeeeee!!!!! Its sooooo fun to jump up on guy’s in suites!

Evidently I tried pulling the door handles and that set off all the alarms somehow, and then it was so scary I made my escape thru the sliding window :-)

So, like I said, it’s Amos’s world and my daddy just lives in it!!!!!!!
After a bunch of embarrassed apologizing and scolding me (Mean Daddy) he still got the job! Evidently when all was done they all got a kick out of it. See it was all Amos daddy that got you that job!



Penny and Patches said...

Great job, Amos! Pulling the famous Aire-escape and STILL getting your daddy the job! You should be one proud Aire-boy!

Penny & Patches

Maggie and Mitch said...

We have one of those slider windows in our truck! We never tried to squeeze ourselves out and escape! We need to give that a try!
Congratulations on your dad getting the job!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

Good work on getting the job Scott.
Amos, what a clever little Aire-boy you are. Climbing out the window, and setting of the alarm.

Good work!@ We are proud of you!

BazBoy and old Ellie.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Amos!
Opy told us about your blong and I wanted to come and say hello!
I'd love to see the faces of the people there!
Congratulations to your Dad for getting the job!
Kisses and hugs