Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking Back To The Start

So, my name is Amos... AKA Famous-Amos as the dogs at the local dog park have nick-named me. This is because I have a diary at an on-line "Airedale Terrier" forum that I have many followers on from all over the world. I also have a long distance, monogamous, Internet relationship with my true love "Lizzie" who is also an Airedale, the prettiest one in the world. We met on the forum, and it was love immediately. She lives across the big pond from me in the UK.

So that is how I got my nick name.

I took over my daddy's life when I left my first mommy in Canada on the big flying thing.

I'm 10 months old, and I have my daddy wrapped around my lil finger, or actually wrapped around my paw. I have a sissy named Jessie, she is an Australian Cattle dog and is really old, blind, and very cranky with me! I also have a "Maybe Mommy"... She has my"Maybe Sissy" Sheila the lab. I really like hanging out with Sheila, she loves to play bitey face, and chase. Maybe Mommy is nice to, she treats me real good and gives me lots of ear scratches and lets me lick her face, and we all know that is the greatest!!!

I'm taken (sorry girl dogs) by Lizzie mentioned above.

I'm very cute (pictures to follow for proof of this) , and get into all kinds of interesting predicaments.

We live in Alaska, which is very interesting. There are a lot of big animals and things around that are all very enticing to chase. But daddy usually wont let me do it. He says Moose's and Grizzly Bears don't like playing with dogs??? That doesn't make sense to me so I keep trying to chase them anyway.

So I put in the title of this first post "Looking back to the start".... That's because to start off blogging here, I am going to copy and paste entries from my forum Diary, from back when I was a little puppy, so you guys can catch up with me from the beginning. I just thought I would use this first post to give you a brief run down on who I am.

Then we can take off from there once we are current. So the next few posts will be catching up. Then me and daddy will do a seperate post to let you know when we are caught up to current. Hope thats not to hard to follow. We will see how it go's, I am new to this blogging thing and so is Daddy, so we will see how good we are at it :-)



Noah the Airedale said...

Hey Amos mate, I'm going to introduce you to a heap of pals I've made through my blog. There are loads of airedales and other pooches that have blogs.
Check out this sight
Its awesome.
When I do my next post I'll tell my maties about you.


lizzydripping said...

Hey Amos , love the new blog ....
Your girl Lizzie

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

Loving your bloggy Amos!

Ellie and BazBoy

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

You're pretty young to have a girlfriend already fellow! Hootie was just like you...looking for a sweetie at such a young age. He's 2 now and has a few sweeties...I lost my boyfriend in Feb. He was a little Westie from Scotland named Hamish.Now I don't have a fellow.
Hey, nice to meet you!!
Smooches from,
Baby Rocket Dog
ps-Mom used to work for Alaska Airlines!

Kaye Butler said...

good job!